What's it all About Here at WizardRSS.com?

For those of you who have stumbled across our site and for those who found your way here because you were looking for something in particular, we thought it was about time we made our introductions. We're a group of friends that got together while we were at college. We weren't all studying the same subjects but often found ourselves in the same places after lessons or lectures.

Obviously, one of those places was the college bar, but the canteen, library and at various social gatherings also brought us together, we'd like to welcome you to wizardRSS.com and let you know that you're in the best place if you want to know where to look for all that important information.

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The Process

We continued with this for several months and then we started wondering whether there was anything we could to help our fellow students. The college newspaper was a brilliant place to start and we started sharing our personal experiences of online research. In particular the subscribing to different RSS feeds and the best ones to use.

The Idea

We've come to realize, while doing our college research, that hours and hours can be wasted looking for what you want online. There are quite literally an unimaginable number of different websites out there. As a group we often found ourselves talking about the various sites we visited and we actually started swapping notes and taking each others advice.

The Beginning

It was from this that we then decided to create an online site of our own. But not being the most technically minded, when it came to website design we enlisted the help of another of our friends.









Be Part of the Team

Obviously, this site is new and we're still very much in the development phase and will be looking for some input from our readers. The pages we've already included can be added to an improved, if you've got any suggestions. And if there's a particular area we've not yet discussed we'll be more than happy to take onboard your advice.

Spread the Word

If you like what you've seen so far then spread the word around. We know only too well how frustrating it can sometimes be, looking for anything online and any help is always appreciated.

The Links

Many of the links we've provided will take you to specific websites and there are also links directing you to the feeds themselves. We know you're going to find a lot of this information useful and we only wish there had been something similar for us when we were studying. We might have been able to do our reports and homework much quicker.

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our mission

The aim of this site is to count down on the hours spent trawling the internet for the feeds that are relevant. We've split our site into different sections so that you can easily find what you want. Whether you're interested in keeping up to date with the political scene, want to keep in touch with cultural trends, are looking for some inspiration to guide you in your life choices or just want to know who won the most recent MotoGP, we've got some suggestions for an RSS feed.

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