Have you heard about eSports? Do you know what it is? eSports are a type of video games competition. Other names that are used include electronic sports, e-sports, esports, competitive video gaming, professional video gaming or pro gaming.

Millions of people enjoy playing computer games, both on their own or with friends and family. But eSports takes things to a whole new level. Computer games competitions are now held around the world and bring in millions of dollars as well as creating a large number of players who can now call it their profession. The competitions have huge prizes and are held in some of the world's largest arenas.

The industry has become such a big thing that there are a number of independent news organizations specifically dedicated to eSports. For example, Esports Heaven, RankR eSports, Esports Nation and ESFI World.

However, many of the more mainstream sports and news reporting websites also feature eSports coverage. It's also possible to keep up with the latest eSports events because they are streamed online direct to viewers. But what about RSS feeds? Are there any worth using?

espn sport feeds

ESPN eSports

One of the largest sports websites it includes one of the largest teams of eSports writers and contributors. Subscribe for the RSS feed or why not take a wander around some of the many pages. Take your pick from pages that include information on the most popular games and competitions as well as a calendar.

esl gaming


Get all the news and opinion delivered to your desktop or mobile device.

esports reviews


Тhis eSports website is concerned with game reviews and news mostly, but coverage of gaming news is very good. A number of player interviews are included and reports of the latest events.

esports team liquid

Team Liquid

Тhe official website of the professional gaming team based in the Netherlands. Take your pick from the many news articles as well as forums. There is also lots of in-depth analysis relating to various tactics and strategies.

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